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When our country was founded over 200 year ago, it was based on the premise that all people are created equal. After decades, we've made immense strides in our battle for equality. 

Even today, however, many issues still exist. In universities, race used to discriminate against many groups, including minorities. Not only does that betray the values that this country was built on, but perpetuates racial stereotypes and hurts our economy. 

In 1996, Californians had enough. They passed Proposition 209, which prevents the state from discriminating based on race or gender.  

Yet more then 20 years later, most states haven't followed their lead. We intend to change that. With your support, we'll support candidates that bring similar bills into their own states, so we can live in a country where everyone is truly equal. 

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Americans for Equality PAC is dedicated to banning affirmative action via our State Legislatures so that we can have a society that truly has equality for all.



We the People, in the spirit of equality, have come together to form the Americans For Equality Political Action Committee, and have resolved to focus on

Enacting legislation similar to Proposition 209 in all 50 states with the language “The state shall not discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, colour, ethnicity, or national origin in the operation of public employment, education, or contracting”;

Ensuring effective enforcement and full compliance of said legislation by all governmental officials and branches, public agencies, and educational institutions such as universities and colleges.


To achieve our mission, we intend to endorse candidates who support our legislation and financially support those who are willing to lead the push for equality in their Legislature.

Such decisions will be taken by our Executive Committee, which will take the vast majority of the decisions regarding the PAC.  

At the same time, however, we want to make sure that everyone has a voice at the local level, which is why we also value our local coordinators. They will take charge of grassroots organizing, and recommend candidates for endorsement. 

With this structure, we'll ensure that there is a stable organization dedicated to ensuring equality for everyone. 

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A veteran of the fight against Proposition 16, Rutvij Holay has also worked on numerous political campaigns such as those of Ritesh Tandon, where he led their internship program, and Niraj Antani, where he helped procure donor lists. 

In addition, he has also worked with various groups, such as the Hindu Education Foundation, in ensuring that all communities are treated equally in the United States to ensure that our country truly has liberty and justice for all. 

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